Sunday, April 26, 2015

Josie's 1st Communion Cupcakes

My Josie received her First Communion this weekend and boy did we celebrate.  Her family and very important friends came to the church to celebrate with her, and after we went out for a celebratory dinner and had cupcakes for dessert.

Josie didn't want a cake.  She insisted on cupcakes with little crosses on top.  I fortunately had a candy mold and was able to make these chocolate crosses (two at a time, mind you) for the top.  I placed each one on a pink fondant round and I think the effect was very pretty.

Josie asked that I arrange the cupcakes into a cross.  And had I used double-sided tape to secure them to the cardboard, they would have retained this shape by the time I arrived at the restaurant.  Alas, they did not.  Instead, they all jumbled to one side of the box.  

Fortunately, that did not affect their taste.

Congratulations and blessings to my dear Josie.  We are so very proud of her.

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