Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aidan's First Communion

Kelli requested a communion cake for her son, Aidan. Together, Kelli and I looked through the website to come up with some ideas for the blessed event. She was looking for something a little different than just the plain sheet cake which she finds at the local grocery store.

She came across the Faith Mosaic cake from She loved the design but asked me to include some darker blues in the mosaic mix.

Because she was looking for something a little more interesting, I offered to color the cake batter as well, in different hues of blues and she loved the idea. I used a white cake recipe and colored the batter in three different blue colors and swirled in some white as well. Here's what it looked like right before it went into the oven.

This cake is a two-layer white cake with buttercream filling. I opted to leave the filling white to prevent everyone's teeth and lips from turning blue. :) Covering the cake in fondant wasa little tricky as I had never covered one in the shape of a cross before. And, finding the topper to the cake proved to be a little challenging. Michael's didn't carry it, but my local Ben Franklin did. At the last minute I was able to find the last little communion boy and get it for the cake. Phew!

I think the cake turned out really well.

Congratulations on your First Communion, Aidan!

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