Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Retirement Part-ay!

Beth asked me to make a retirement cake for the eight teachers at her school who were retiring. She wanted me to incorporate on the cake, a symbol for each of the teachers they were wishing well. The school colors were blue and green and the school mascot was a little cute frog. All of this should be incorporated into the cake.

I ended up making a 4-tiered cake with many different flavors and fillings. Here's the front of the cake:

Top tier - White cake/Chocolate buttercream filling
2nd tier - Yellow cake/Chocolate buttercream filling
3rd tier - Red Velvet cake/Cream cheese filling
Bottom tier - Chocolate cake/Oreo buttercream filling

The front view shows the symbol for Mike (Wisconsin W) and Pat (Rocky Mountains).

This view shows the symbol for Joan (Sheltie) and Chris (Irish).

This view shows the symbol for Marcie (Sun) and Arlene (Earth).

Last, we have Mary (book) and Tom (60's car).

I hope party was a great time for all. Congratulations to the retirees. I hope that this next part of your lives is the best one yet!!

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