Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Little Princess

Today we celebrated my daughter, Josie's, 4th birthday. Her birthday usually falls right around Memorial Day weekend so we thought that celebrating a weekend early would be best. I'm certainly happy we did because the turnout was fabulous! What a treat to see so many kids having such a great time outside.

Coming up with a theme for this party was a no-brainer. Josie has been pretty fond of the Disney princesses for quite some time now and this was super fun to plan. The only potential problem I had was coming up with fun ways to engage the little boys who were attending the party. After giving it much thought I decided to make all of the kids go on a QUEST TO SAVE THE PRINCESS!!!! They were ALL loving this!

The first step of the quest was to find one of the princess' hidden jewels in the yard. Each kid just had to find one in order to go on to the next part of the quest. The big kids and the little kids had a great time with this. Easter wasn't too long ago and they all knew what to do!

The best part of the search was that it had all of the kids running around our 3/4 of an acre yard. So when they all came back to learn what their next step of the quest was, I told them that they had to kiss a frog! They ALL knew where they had seen a big frog, so we ran back to the barn to play "Pin a Kiss on the Frog". The cutest part was they all got there before I did and they all took turns actually kissing the frog! Seriously, this could not have been cuter!

After our game, the frog looked like this!

(A shout out to my mother-in-law, Marcia, who made this cute little frog prince!)

The last step of the quest was to defeat a scary dragon. I asked the kids if they had seen a scary dragon and they all rushed back to the tree where they had seen him. Each kid had at least three tries before they defeated him. And what was inside? CANDY!!!!

Their reward for completing the quest was a bucket filled with prince and princess things. The bucket came just in time to hold all of the delicious loot!

Here are the brave princes and princesses posing for a quick picture! What fun they had!

After lunch, there WAS cake (I am the Cake Mama afterall). This one was a super fun one to make. I might add that it was totally more difficult than I thought it was going to be. Humidity and fondant don't mix and making this one was no exception, but it was totally worth it. I really do love the way it turned out.

And here it is at its final destination surrounded by all of the inspiration.

The top tier (Princess Tiana) I took off before carving and froze it for Josie's actual birthday. It was a chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream. The second tier (Cinderella) was a Chocolate Covered Strawberry cake (chocolate cake, chocolate ganache filling with freshly cut strawberries). The middle tier (Princess Jasmine) was a chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream filling. The forth tier (Princess Aurora) was a Rootbeer Float cake (rootbeer flavored cake with vanilla buttercream filling). The bottom tier (Snow White) was a Banana Split Cake (banana cake with chocolate fudge and fresh strawberries and crushed pineapple).

Happy Birthday, Josephine! I love you with all of my heart!


  1. I heard the cake was delicious but I'm also glad I got to see pictures - it's beautiful! Phin had a great time! Thanks again for inviting her. Happy Birthday, Josephine!

  2. Beautiful AND delicious cake! Josephine is a lucky little princess!
    Grandma & Grandpa Gordon :)