Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh Baby!

Kristie requested a baby shower cake for Sara and Ryan who were going to be having a couple's baby shower. Kristie told me that the two are a little untraditional. They decided not to find out the gender of their baby and have been referring to the little bundle of joy as "Pat" from the old SNL skits. (LOL!) She also told me that the two absolutely LOVE Jack Daniel's, so if there was any way I could incorporate that into the cake it would be great.

I figured that making a cake with a baby drinking a bottle of Jack Daniel's wouldn't have been the greatest for my portfolio (and my mom would be WAY proud), so I decided to see if there were cakes that had Jack Daniel's IN them. And I was lucky - the Jack Daniel's website was the first place I looked. I used Jack's Birthday Cake recipe for this cake.

Then to figure out how to decorate the cake. Hmmm. The couple sounded like they had a great sense of humor so I asked Kristie about making a cake to look like a baby face crying. She loved the idea and here's what it looked like.

Good luck, indeed, Sara and Ryan! I wish you the best with your new little bundle of :)

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