Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday Celebration Cake

My husband's team asked me on Monday if I could make a cake for their coworker, Michelle, on Wednesday who was celebrating her birthday. It's a significant milestone for Michelle, but one I'm not to speak of. :) I was happy to accomodate their request and given that this was in the middle of the week, not the week-END, it made it all the more possible. Weekends for me are usually pretty crazy, with at least one, if not two cakes to do. (This weekend I have THREE - stay-tuned!)

I was asked to do a cake with colorful flowers because Michelle is an avid gardener. They also requested that "Happy Birthday Michelle" was on the cake.


The top tier of this cake is chocolate with buttercream filling and the bottom tier is is vanilla with buttercream and raspberry preserve filling. The cake is covered in fondant with fondant flowers and dots. The writing is done in buttercream.

I hope that Michelle enjoys her birthday and I hope she and the team enjoy the cake!

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