Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Week Off

For the first time since February I actually had a week off from making cakes. A little wierd for me, as I've always had SOME occasion coming up. Birthday, baby shower, anniversary, just-because, wedding...but this week, I had nothing. So, I thought it was a great opportunity to improve some of the advertising at Michael's for the Wilton classes. In doing so, I created THREE cakes to demonstrate to prospective students the cool things you can make by taking these classes. I teach all three and will be teaching project classes (stacked cakes, gingerbread houses, cake pops) shortly. In addition, early next year I'll be teaching a fourth class called "Advanced Gum Paste Flowers" which I get trained on next month at a 2-day seminar. VERY exciting!

Here's the demo-board I made for my Michael's store classroom. I really like the way it turned out. (The other cake decorating instructor still hasn't gotten me her personal information, but when she does, it'll go right beneath mine; hence, the empty space.)

The top cake is a final cake that students could make after taking the first class, Decorating Basics. We focus on buttercream and basic cake construction during this class. My students decorate 2 cakes, cookies and cupcakes and learn how to do the shell border, the riboon rose and other decorating techniques. SUPER fun class!!

The second cake is a final cake that students could make after taking the second class, Flowers and Cake Design. In this class we work with royal icing, gum paste and fondant and learn the basketweave technique - which is really fun (and easier than it looks!) and the Wilton Rose, among other royal icing flowers.

The bottom cake is a final cake that students could make after taking the third class, Gum Paste and Fondant. In this class we work with gum paste and fondant, create many flowers, learn how to cover a cake with fondant and believe it or not - that bow is actually made the first night of class!

These cakes on the demo board are all made of styrofoam covered in either royal icing or fondant. They should keep for a long while. :)

I'll be starting to teach classes at my local Ben Franklin Crafts starting in October. I've been asked to make some demo cakes for that location as well. Hmmm...when's my next week off? :)

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  1. Looks nice, Sis! (Pray for good glue!)