Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pretty as a Princess

Kid's birthday cakes are the FUNNEST! Yeah, I said "funnest" because doing them brings out the "funnest" part of me. I just love 'em! This princess cake was no exception. Adrienne (I did her 2nd birthday cake last year - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) turned three this weekend and was going to be having a princess party. Her mom (and good friend of mine) gave me some creative freedom and only requested that it be a chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream filling. She said that at the time of the order last month, Adrienne's favorite princess was Tiana, but that changed daily.

This was when the fun started for me. I searched online for some inspirational ideas and came across one that looked like a castle with many of the Disney princesses gathered around. I thought it was a perfect plan because if Adrienne decided that her favorite princess was someone other than Tiana, I'd have the bases covered, so to speak. ;)

I ordered the castle kit from Wilton online and used only four towers and the door to decorate the cake. All of the princesses were purchased in a nice set from Target and I think they look completely at home, just chillin' on their castle cake.

The very top of the cake holds a princess picture frame that Adrienne's parents could fill before the party. That way, Adrienne could be a princess on her cake too!

The best part of this cake was the delivery. I got to see Adrienne see her cake and it was AWESOME! Totally worth it for me! She looked up at it, mouth open, eyes wide and didn't say a word! A smile came shortly thereafter and she was able to tell me who each of the princesses were. I asked her who her favorite princess was and she responded..."Cinderella."

Phew! Bases covered!!

I hope she had a great birthday and a wonderful princess celebration!!!

Update: Yep. She had a GREAT party!!! Here's the birthday "princess" with her cake. :)

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  1. Hi Ann!

    The party was great! The cake was AWESOME!! Thank you so much. Adrienne is playing with all the princesses as I type. Total hit! The chocolate cake with oreo filling was SO GOOD!

    Thanks again. You are so talented!