Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Treats

My daughter had a delightful Valentine's Day party at school and I signed up to bring cookies for their party. Had I know that I would have such a busy week the week of the party, I would have signed up to bring something else, but fortunately, Josie had a playdate scheduled the day before the party and I used that time to bake and decorate these cookies.

I used two different cut-outs. One with scalloped edges and one without. Then I used two different colors to decorate the cookies in royal icing; red and pink. I thought they were appropriate Valentine's day colors.

When they dried, I added a name to each of the cookies - one for each of the kids in Josie's class, as well as her teachers.

I was lucky to be the parent helper this week and was therefore able to pass out the cookies and watch the kids' faces light up when they saw their names on their special treat. And Josie was so proud!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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