Sunday, February 17, 2013

Adrienne and the Princess and the Popstar

So, there's Barbie.  And there's a Popstar.  And then there's the Princess & Popstar, which is the party that 4-year old Adrienne was having.  My good friend Tara requested a guitar-shaped cake for her daughter's special occasion.  Yep. I was up for the challenge.  

A few issues surfaced while making this cake.  It had to serve about 25 people, which isn't a whole heck of a lot of cake.  Maybe a ten-inch cake would suffice and there'd be leftovers for sure.  But if I made an 8-inch cake, I think that would be a little small and you wouldn't get the full effect of a GUITAR!  So, I decided on two 10-inch square cakes and lined them up next to each other.  The big part of the guitar is carved from one whole 10-inch cake.  The handle is actually two pieces of cake (10-inch cake sliced in half).  And this is a chocolate cake with chocolate fudge and Oreo filling.  

The second issue I had was where to put the cake when it was done?  No cake board I could find was big enough!  So, off to Ben Franklin Crafts I went to do my searching.  They had large pieces of foam board ready to go, and that's what I purchased.  I thought it worked out perfectly!  

The little knobby dials are made out of melted chocolate and silver sprinkles.  A yummy treat on top of the cake.

And here's the Princess.  Or is she the Popstar?  Whomever she is, she's the ADORABLE birthday girl!

Make a wish!

Thanks for the great party, Adrienne!  I'm so happy I got to be a part of your special day!

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