Monday, February 4, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Kathy requested a football themed cake for her son's birthday party this weekend.  She wasn't looking for anything big but she told me that leftovers would be okay!  Chocolate cake was requested with chocolate frosting and I had a football pan so we were good to go!

The chocolate cake is my favorite.  Alright.  I said.  Chocolate is my favorite.  I LOVE it when people order it.  It's fun to make and it's oh so delicious!!!  The chocolate frosting was a new recipe.  It was a cream cheese chocolate recipe and I added my own flare to it.  I think it tasted like fudge.  Think about it.  Fudge.  Delicious, chocolate fudge with chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream on the inside.  This cake was delicious!  

I hope that the party was a success and I hope that their favored team won the Super Bowl this weekend!!

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