Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ben's Umizoomi Cake

I LOVE that my oldest daughter is the age she is.  I'm totally "in-the-know" about most of the children's television programming that's available today.  If you would have asked me who Team Umizoomi was five years ago, I would have said, "Gesundheit" and laughed at you!

Well, luckily for Shelly, I was aware of Team Umizoomi when she requested a Geo cake.  She gave me a sample picture of the cake she wanted and I found that very helpful.   

Here's Team Umizoomi.  Geo's on the right.  


And here's the cake!  It is a marble cake with creamy buttercream frosting/filling.   Gum paste/fondant details  decorate the cake.

I hope that Ben has an absolutely fabulous 3rd birthday party!  Shelly - thanks so much for thinking of me!

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