Sunday, May 5, 2013

Carsen's 1st Birthday

Carsen shares the same birthday as my daughter.  In fact, Maren and Carsen were in the same hospital together at the same time.  I know her mom from high school and it's cute to think the two will have known each other for their whole lives; sharing the same birth date.  

So, when Carsen's mom, Brooke, asked me to do her birthday treats, I was absolutely honored to help out. Brooke had a vision!  She came prepared with pictures and inspirational shots of what she wanted for this magnificent milestone.  Pink, black and gray.  A schnazzy color scheme indeed.  SUPER fancy for a 1-year old.  ;)

The top tier of this cake is a yellow cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting.  The bottom tier is chocolate cake with Oreos, fudge and buttercream fillings.  

These cupcakes are yellow cupcakes, filled with chocolate cream cheese frosting and topped with buttercream.  

Cake pops are red velvet and cream cheese.  Mmmmm!


I hope Carsen had a fabulous birthday celebration!  She was in our thoughts as we celebrated over here.  Happy Birthday, Carsen!

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