Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jodi's Owl Cake

Jodi and I used to work together - back when I was "Professional Ann," a Human Resources professional.  Oh, those were the days!  I miss the people (Jodi included) but I don't miss the job too much.  Cake decorating and stay-at-home "momming" is a lot more fun for me!  

Jodi requested a cake for her own birthday a few weeks ago.  She wanted to "treat" herself to a Cake Mama cake and I was so excited!!!  She wanted me to do an owl cake and sent over this picture: 

She liked the first two in the top row but was incredibly open to whatever I had in mind.  

I got such a kick out of the second one and thought it would look so cute on a cake so I stuck with that one. 
And I love the way he turned out!!!

Jodi told me she was a fan of chocolate so that's exactly what she got.  A chocolate cake with buttercream filling.  The owl is made out of a gum paste/fondant mix and I frosting the cake with more buttercream.  

Jodi - I hope the Brewers win today and I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

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