Sunday, May 5, 2013

May the 4th Be With Maren

I'm going to apologize for how self-indulgent this next post may appear.  I just had such a good time creating this experience.  Or should I say, re-creating this experience.    Let me also say that if I had the cake decorating skills I have 6 years ago, I would have done the exact same thing for my oldest daughter, Josie.  The two girls had very different first birthday celebrations.  Both of them were wonderful in their own right.  

But I digress.

Here is a picture of my first birthday cake.  From the 1970's.  All pretty and pink.  With a cute little ceramic baby on top.  

 There's my Grandpa flirting with me.  That's my Grandma looking on.  (I'll be making her 93rd birthday cake this summer!!!)

 And here I am.  Me.  One year old.

I'm wearing a cute little pink dress that my Grandma (pictured above) made.

 I really wanted to get my hands on that cake!

So, when Maren was born, I went down to the basement and looked through a few more bins of clothes I had down there.  My parents did a good job of saving valuable and sentimental things for me.  They didn't save it all; but they saved neat things.  Like the ceramic baby that topped my first birthday cake.  And the dress I wore at my first birthday.  I happened to come across those two items and knew then that for Maren's 1st birthday, I would recreate it.

Here's my rendition of that famous birthday cake, ceramic doll and all!

And here's Maren, wearing the same dress.

 Mmmmm!  Enjoying that cake!

 Yep.  Good stuff.

Her special day was easy and super fun to decorate.    Here, I took my favorite photo of her, face looking straight on, printed it in grayscale onto card stock and made little hats from scrapbook paper.  I love the effect and can't wait to make one for Josie later this month!  

I wanted to tie in the pink floral look to the food I served for brunch.   Here's the buffet.

Bacon and leek tart.
 Blueberry scones.
 Donuts.  Lots of 'em.
 Pink fruit salad.
 Yogurt and granola.

 And another picture of her cake.

Yep.  She's one.  I can't believe.  And what a wonderful celebration it was.

Happy Birthday, you sweet little girl!  I can't wait to see what this next year brings!

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