Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Forever a Family

April 29th is such a fantastic day for so many reasons.  Two of them happen to be that it was Aiden's birthday and it was also the day his family "officially" became complete.   Seriously!!  A wonderful day to celebrate!

Erin and Kari (Aiden's mom) have been friends for like...EVER and she wanted to plan something nice for the celebration.  She ordered cupcakes from me and forwarded a picture of cupcakes that were displayed in the shape of a tree.  This was a gift she got for Aiden and I thought the words on top were just lovely, and very, very true!  

Here's the tree cake with that phrase on the trunk.  The cupcakes were vanilla cupcakes, filled with strawberry cream cheese frosting and topped with creamy buttercream, half vanilla, half chocolate.

I just happened to have a little sugar blue bird waiting for his tree.  

Kari also wanted to share a little something with the many people that made April 29th a possibility.  So I whipped up these cake pops in Aiden's favorite color scheme (AKA -Spiderman) so Kari could share a little celebratory treat with these VIPs.

I am absolutely HONORED that I got to be a part of SUCH a special day! You are such a beautiful family!  I wish you a lifetime of love and blessings!


  1. Thank you so much for the delicious treats! Speaking as Aiden's new official aunt (Kari's sister) and the sampler of all of your fine work.......well done on all accounts! The cupcakes were beautiful AND delicious!

  2. Hi Cake Mama!

    I can not find another way to contact you on this site so I am hoping a comment won't be too forward. I am doing a round up post of the best adoption shower idea's I can find online. This is cupcake tree is a shining example of what could be done at an adoption shower. I would love to share it with my readers. Would you be willing to allow me to link to it and show one photo? Please let me know at adoptionmamablog(at) my website is Thank you for your time!