Monday, June 2, 2014

Josie's Rockin' Dance Party

This last weekend, my oldest daughter, Josie, celebrated her 7th birthday.  I can't believe it's been 7 years since she was just tiny little baby!  Those days really do seem like they were yesterday.  Josie is truly 7 going on 16 and she's wise beyond her years.  She's kind, compassionate and one of the silliest people I know.  Her laugh is absolutely contagious!

This year, we decided to have a Dance Party for her.  She loves her music and absolutely loves to dance and I couldn't think of a better way for her to celebrate with her friends.  All said and done, we called this her "Rockin' Dance Party."  She made a mix CD that included her favorite music to dance to and all of her friends got a copy of it in their gift bags.  But before I get into the party, here's her cake:

Josie approved.  ;)

After we burned the CDs, Josie was able to decorate the labels with her Grandma Marcia.  Rainbows were a must!  And this mix was ROCKIN'!

Here are the giftbags...

The contents included her CD, an inflatable guitar (no one was going to get hurt at the party...), fun glasses, a microphone, funky hair, Pop Rocks and Mamba candy. 

At the party, we served fruit, carrot sticks, cheese and crackers, Bugles, Pop Rocks, Rock Candy and bottled water.

Both tiers of this cake were Josie's favorite; Chocolate-Flecked Cake.  Mmmmm!

Danny blew up a bunch of balloons that we brought to her party destination, Jazzercise in Delafield.  

The girls are beginning to arrive.  Ann did a great job leading the party and got to know the girls while they stretched and warmed up.

Most of the girls are here now, so we're discussing the rules and stretching some more.

The girls all got their gift bags early and I asked them to put on all of their props.  I really wanted THIS picture!!  How awesome do they look?!!!

And then the dancing began...

These girls had a blast!

Free dancing!!!

Limbo time!

A quick break for snacks...

...and then a few more songs.  Josie got to be the leader for awhile too!

Lastly, it was time for cake and presents!  Josie had a BLAST!

Doing the birthday party at Jazzercise was AWESOME!!!!!!!  Ann took control of the party and lead the girls through all of Josie's favorite songs.  They had some structure and then Ann made sure to give them time to just be silly!  These girls danced and exercised for almost 2 hours straight.  They were beat by the end, but they all had a great time at this party!  I highly recommend it!

Special thanks to my Mom and Mother-in-Law who also helped out at the party!  Cake was a great reward!

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