Monday, June 23, 2014

More Than Meets The Eye

Michelle is one of my wonderful new neighbors and in one of our first conversations, I informed her that I make cakes.  God Bless her, she ordered one for her son, Evan, on the spot and told me that he really likes Transformers.  I asked if he had a favorite and she said that he liked all of them.  Okay.  I thought I had enough to go on.  I'd do some research and look into some Transformers and figure out which one was most inspiring to me.  

 Michelle wanted lots of fun colors and I thought primary colors would be great.  Red, blue, yellow...I've seen Transformers with those colors, right?   How hard could this be?  Then the night before Evan's party, I was finally beginning to do my decorating and I just happened to run my ideas past my husband and he was horrified.  I felt "this big."  Dudes.  I was going to mix Bumblebee with Optimus Prime.   I WAS GOING TO MIX BUMBLEBEE WITH OPTIMUS PRIME!!!!!!  Boy, my husband SAVED me on THAT!!  I was about to look like a person who had NO IDEA about Transformers!!!  

I figured Michelle wouldn't have cared, but her son, Evan, just MAY have.  So, I took a shot and because I had my yellow frosting already made, I went with it.  Here's the inspiration for the cake:  

This is the Transformers Logo:

And here's "Bumblebee":

Evan's cake is a chocolate cake with buttercream filling and frosting.  I made the Transformers logo out of fondant and added some metallic detailing with silver luster dust.

Michelle also ordered a dozen vanilla cupcakes for those guests who didn't want chocolate.  I added little "E's" on the top for Evan.  ;)

And here's the complete set:  

 Happy Birthday, Evan!!!  I hope you had a great, fun day!!  I'm happy I got to be a part of it!!  ;)

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