Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Andrew's Lego Cake

Andrew was having a LEGO birthday party and requested a Lego cake.  I purchased a Lego mold from Amazon.com so that I could make some colorful Legos for use in decorating Andrew's cake.  I always forget how time-consuming making chocolates can be.  You melt, you pour, you cool, you remove and you do it all over again.  I'm happy that I was able to make as many as I did.  I think the chocolate Legos made ma great border around Andrew's cake.

The pictures are a little deceiving.  It looks like Andrew's cake is resting on a layer of Legos, but the cake goes all of the way down to the cake board.  This is two 9X13 chocolate cakes filled with a marshmallow and graham cracker filling and a little extra fudge to make everyone want s'more!  

I hope Andrew had a great party!  (I heard the candy Legos went over REALLY well!)

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