Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sherry's 60th!

Bob called requesting a cake for his wife, Sherry's, 60th birthday celebration.  He wanted a vanilla cake, raspberry buttercream filling and chocolate frosting for the cake.  I was able to do whatever I wanted for decoration.  And boy did I have fun with this one!  Chocolate frosting?!!!  Get out of here!!!

I decided on something simple for decoration.  Simple and elegant.  This is the kind of cake I'd like (hint, hint).  Not too busy, but just enough to make it really pretty.  

I used tip 104 and did a zig zag pattern to make the sides of the cake look this way.  It was a technique I'd been hoping to try and thought this would be a pretty addition to this simple design.  

The flowers were inspired from the cupcakes I had done last week.  I still had some of the beads left and wanted to use some more.  I think these are so pretty!

Happy Birthday, Sherry!  I hope you had an amazing celebration!

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