Monday, September 15, 2014

Kalli's Peppa Pig Cake

This year, Kalli wanted a Peppa Pig party!  I have to admit that I didn't know much about Peppa Pig and in doing my research for the cake, watched a few episodes of the show on Nick Jr.  I found them to be a sweet, very age-appropriate show for a 3-year old.  Peppa is a sweet character and her cake needed to be the same.  

Angie, Kalli's mom, requested a chocolate cake with fudge and Oreo filling.  I made a delicious Oreo buttercream that tastes JUST like Cookies and Cream ice cream and filled the center of the cake with a scrumptious fudgey filling.  This was a chocolate-lovers dream!  

I decorated the top with a fondant/gum paste Peppa Pig in her fancy fairy costume and I added lots of flowers and bling to the top and sides of the cake.  

I hope that Kalli had a wonderful celebration!  The weather for her outdoor birthday party turned out to be a perfect day!  Sunny and not too hot or cold!  I had my fingers crossed for her!  Happy Birthday, Kalli!!

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