Monday, September 15, 2014

The Incredible Desmond

My brother-in-law, Dave, requested a birthday cake for my nephew, Desmond.  And this wasn't going to be just any birthday cake.  It was going to be an INCREDIBLE birthday cake.  You know, from the movie, The Incredibles?  One of the greatest Disney movies of all time.  Anyway, this cake wasn't just going to be an Incredibles cake, it was going to made into a specific scene from the movie.  Dave said that Des LOOOOOOOVES the Omni-droid from the movie.  In particular, there's a scene were the Omni-droid just emerged from the boiling lava, all red-hot and Mr. Incredible continues his battle to the Omni-droid's bitter end.  That scene.  That one.  Is what he wanted to be the inspiration for the cake.  

So, I did my best.  This particular post has a bunch of pictures because there's a lot to this cake.  The main portion of the cake was a chocolate 10-inch cake with Cookies 'n Cream buttercream filling.  I covered that in red fondant which was the wonderful backdrop for the Incredibles logo, and it also acted as a lava foundation for the main scene of the cake.   I used a TON of Rice Krispie Treats to make the mountain volcano and covered that with a swirly gray fondant messily draped over the top.  I wanted it to look rough and boulder-y.  The Omni-droid is also made out of Rice Krispie Treats covered in black and red fondant and held together by toothpicks.   

The back side of the cake is decorated to look jungle-like.  Here you can see that I made the number "3" and hid it in the landscape.  

Des' name is also hidden.

I ordered all of the figurines from and was hopeful that Desmond would get a kick out of playing with them for awhile.

So, did Des like his cake?  Yes.  He DESTROYED that Omni-droid almost the moment the cake arrived.  Omni-droid didn't have a prayer against Incredible Des.  

Happy Birthday, Buddy!!  Auntie Ann loves you!

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