Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's - Cake Mama Style

Well, it's April Fool's Day.  A day that I've always enjoyed celebrating.  Josie has always been too little to understand the whole "April Fools" thing, but this year, as she's about to turn six, I figured this was the perfect time to introduce her to this lovely little "holiday." 

All day long, I've been telling her, "We're having cupcakes for dinner and hamburgers and French fries for dessert."  And all day long, she's been correcting me because, "We don't eat cupcakes for dinner!!!"

What makes me feel really bad, yet incredibly proud of my daughter, is that she kept saying, "I want to have something healthy with my cupcake.  Like carrots and strawberries too, okay Mama?"   Oooh...I had her convinced!  This prank was in the bag!!!

So, here's the cupcake she had.    It's a meatloaf cupcake with mashed potato frosting and a tomato on top. 
Look at the excitement on that face!  She can't believe she's about to eat a cupcake for DINNER!!! 

And then, after she teased me for putting a tomato on top (silly Mama) she tried it.  "EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!"  Spit, spit, spit....  "That's not frosting!!"  
"I'll just eat the cake part."  She removes the "frosting."
Drops the "cupcake" on her plate like it's poison, "Ew.  Gross....  What is that?"

(Not happy with her meal, I supplied her with food I knew she would like.  A cheese quesadilla, carrots and strawberries.  She was thrilled with that.) 
Now it was time for the "Main Course."  I was serving hamburgers and French fries with ketchup on the side. 

Yep, this was a hit. 

For the French fries, I bought a small Sara Lee pound cake, let it thaw at room temperature and cut it into strips.  I placed the strips on a cookie sheet and baked them in the oven at 350 degrees for 12 minutes.  They came out crispy and golden brown.  The fries were dipped into raspberry puree.

For the hamburgers, I picked up some Nilla wafers for the bun, Keebler Grasshopper cookies for the hamburger, and yellow and red frosting for the mustard and ketchup. 

Happy April Fool's Day!!  What was your best prank (either given or received)??!!!


  1. OH, these pictures are priceless! Loved it! Thanks for sharing! Happy April Fool's Day! This is one Josie won't forget!

  2. Absolutely genius! Love the look on her face! :) Happy Spring!