Friday, April 12, 2013


Well, this is my husband's birthday weekend (or birthday month, as he chooses to celebrate).  He's celebrating a birthday which is "on the five" and therefore, according to my husband, requires a great deal of celebrating and commotion.  We had a family get together this evening and for this fun celebration, I thought I'd surprise my husband with the cake he's asked for since he was a little boy (many "fives" ago).  In fact, since I've been decorating cakes, he's asked for this particular cake every year.    And, every year, I groan and say, "REALLY?  That cake will take me FOREVER."  And then I talk him into something else.

Well, this year I decided to tackle this cake.  How hard could it be?   I was determined to make the R2D2 cake he so desired and surprise him with it.  

After doing many Google searches on the R2D2 cake, I decided on a simple design.  I discovered that they actually sold Wilton R2D2 pans, but I was decorating last night for the cake we'd eat tonight, so there was no time.  I had to free-hand this cake.

Once I really took it all in, I had a moment of Divine intervention (which honestly happens with most of my cakes...a spark, a whisper - it's really neat!).  This really wasn't so tough afterall.

I made a Chocolate-Flecked cake in a 9 X 13 pan.  I then domed the top, cut in some on the sides and cut out the space between R2's front wheely-leg-thingys.  That was the shape I wanted.  The next step was to decorate.

I did all of the black outlines first with a Tip 5 and filled in the white, the gray, the blue and finished with the red thingy on top (can you tell I'm the BIGGEST Star Wars fan?!!).

I'm sad that I didn't have a picture of Danny's face when he saw the cake last night.  He was absolutely ecstatic!  He finally got his R2D2 cake and I'm so grateful we got to share it with so many wonderful people.  

Happy Birthday, Hon!  Here's to "birthdays on the fives!"

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