Sunday, April 14, 2013

[I'm] Without A Clue

My husband's favorite movie of ALL TIME is Without A Clue, a Sherlock Holmes and Watson movie starring Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley circa 1988.  I've see the movie once, my 100 times.  And I remember the one time I watched the movie with him, he was giggling in anticipation of the "funny" moments in the film which distracted me from watching the movie.  He loved it as a child and still loves it today.  If you're a Sherlock fan, I'm "sher" you'll love this one too.  Be prepared for some ridiculousness, however.  You were warned.  And perhaps if you're watching it NOT in the presence of my husband, your level of distraction will be much less and perhaps you'll remember more about this movie that is cherished so very much.  

Without a Clue (1988) Poster

So for our second birthday get together for the weekend, I whipped up this bad boy.  A chocolate flecked cake with Nutella frosting.  I made a sillouette of Sherlock out of fondant and put 221b on the cake.  True Sherlock fans will surely get the significance of that.  ;)

Here's the cake ready to be served!

Nothing is prettier than a candle-lit cake, in my opinion.

And here's the inside of this delicious cake.  You can see all of the wonderful chocolate "flecks" - 1 POUND of chocolate flecks to be exact.  Mmmmmm!

Happy Birthday, Danny!  Can't wait for your next "birthday on the five!"

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