Monday, May 26, 2014

Bucky Badger for Gavyn

Angela requested a Bucky Badger cake for her son Gavyn's 6th birthday.  Evidently, Gavyn is quite the Badger fan.  I spent a "little" time on this Bucky and I think he turned out really well.  

Hey, did you know...

...Bucky's birthday is October 2, 1940?

...the nickname "Badgers" was borrowed from the state of Wisconsin, which was dubbed the "Badger State."  The name didn't come from the animals in the region, but rather an association with lead miners in the 1820's.  Without shelter in the winter, the miners had to "live like Badgers" in tunnels and burrowed into hillsides.  

...there are approximately seven students needed to meet all the various requests for Bucky Badger appearances.  From sporting events to community service requests to the occasional wedding, Bucky, is a popular and enduring fixture among Wisconsin fans.  

...American badgers are known to cooperatively hunt ground squirrels with coyotes?

...the Wisconsin Badgers Camp Randall Stadium was a training ground during the Civil War?

But why is he so angry?

Anyway, this cake pays homage to the wonderful mascot he is.  The cake itself is a chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream filling.

Happy Birthday to you, Gavyn!  I hope that you had a wonderful celebration!!  Go Badgers!!!

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  1. I would love to contact you -- would you make another cake like this??