Sunday, May 4, 2014

Calvin's First Communion

Laura requested a First Communion cake and coordinating cookies for her son, Calvin's special day.  She sent me a picture of the cookies she wanted; little crosses with squiggly lines and a flower with a green leaf on it.  I thought it was a beautiful idea.  

I made my Marriage Proposal Cookies and used the most wonderful buttercream to decorate them.  It's a frosting that dries hard, but not too hard.  It also prevents the cookies from drying out, which is what royal icing can sometimes do.  I thought these cookies were super fun to do and I thought they turned out nicely.  

Once packaged, they looked officially cute!

For the cake, Laura requested a chocolate cake with buttercream filling and frosting.  The buttercream I make is wonderfully smooth and creamy and it's not too sweet.  I also add vanilla bean of which you can see the flecks throughout.  It's really something!

My friend Heidi, who also decorates cakes and does so beautifully, made a cake similar to this one.  It was an inspiration and one I was looking forward to completing.  I love how it turned out in blue and Laura requested that I carry the squiggly lines from the cookies to the cake so that they would clearly coordinate and match, which I did on the side of the cake.  I added Calvin's name and date on the front of the cake in gum paste.

Here's what the cake and cookies look like together.  They definitely coordinate!

I'd like to congratulate Calvin on his special day!  May God bless you, Calvin!

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