Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Davin's Jungle Party

My friend Elly ordered a cake for her son Davin's 6th birthday party.  This one was going to be a jungle-themed extravaganza!  Per usual, Elly made her fabulous cookies.  Seriously, check out the attention to detail here:

For his cake, she wanted it to incorporate the jungle theme they were having throughout the party and she sent a picture of the invitation and this poster (which was a "Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Lion" game).  I liked the colors.  I thought the animals were super cute and thought I'd base the cake off of this.  


We've got two lions, a zebra, a monkey, a giraffe and a #6 snake.  

The cake is a chocolate cake with vanilla bean buttercream.  All of the decoration is gum paste and fondant.

The best part of this cake was actually getting to visit with my dear friend Elly at pick-up.  It'd been about 12 years since we had a face-to-face conversation and it was long overdue!!  I see the work she puts into her kids' parties and they are amazing.  Davin, Happy Birthday to you!  (You have one heck of a mom!!!)

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