Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birthday Present Birthday Cake

Jessica and Brooke are sisters who were planning a joined birthday party for their kids.  Five in total would be celebrating their special days.  For Jess' kids' birthday last year, you may remember this trio?  Each kid got their own cake and cupcakes to match. 

This year, Jessica and Brooke thought it would be fun to have a cake for all of them, but one that looked like a bunch of birthday presents, so they requested a three-tiered cake.  

Neither Jessica nor Brooke were concerned about colors or design or even flavors.  Although, she did say that the biggest tier had to be Red Velvet cake.  Fans they are!

So I started baking and creating and this is what I came up with!

Because there were four boys, Jackson, Mason, Noah and Jake, I wanted to keep the colors a little more masculine.  I chose blues, greens, yellow and orange for the entire cake color scheme. 

For Lauryn's cake (the top tier), I made it green (however there was a pink surprise underneath - I'll get to flavors in a second), but I added little white flowers on hers with purple centers;  a shout out to her cake last year. 

The top tier was yellow cake with raspberry buttercream and raspberry preserve filling.   The middle tier was a chocolate cake with Oreos and buttercream/fudge filling.  And, as requested, the largest, bottom tier was red velvet cake with creamy, cream cheese frosting.   They are all topped with a bow that brings together all of the colors in a festive way. 

I hope that Lauryn, Jackson, Noah, Mason and Jake all had a fabulous birthday celebration!!!  This was a super fun cake to do!  Thanks!

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