Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kalli's Cake Pops

Baby Kalliope turned 1 this weekend.  Her mom, a friend of mine from high school, Angie, requested some cake pops to celebrate this great occasion.  They were planning to visit the hospital and the nursing staff and wanted to bring them something to celebrate.  Cake pops are a truly ideal option, don't you think?  They're nicely packaged, and bite-sized, but delicious. 

Angie wanted chocolate and yellow cake pops and she wanted half to be green, with green sprinkles and half of them to be pink with pink sprinkles.  I added the little "k" on them for added flair and I really think they turned out cute. 

Forgive my photography here.  Note to self:  take pictures of cake pops before wrapping them.  I apologize...but lesson learned.  I've got some cake pops coming up in October which will be photographed a little better.  

Happy Birthday, Kalli - you amazing little girl!  And congrats to Kalli's parents!

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